Legal Case Descriptions

MRSA bacteremia with dissemination from an infected IV line — Question: Was proper care and treatment provided including timely administration of antimicrobial therapy as well as evaluation for additional sites of infection?

Epidural abscess from unusual/rare organism with slow growth rate in culture — Question: Was timely work-up performed and was antimicrobial therapy appropriate?

Subacute bacterial endocarditis several months after routine visit to personal medical doctor — Question: Could this have been prevented?

Needle stick injury and ambiguous infection control screening test results — Question: How to interpret the results; is the patient infectious to others?

Hospital sued vicariously for actions of medical staff — Question: Role of administration in dictating medical staff action and care / separation of the medical staff from administration?

Prosthetic knee infection years after placement — Question: Was this a result of the initial surgery?

Septic shock associated with infected pressure ulcers (nursing home related) — Question: Did wounds cause shock and multiple organ system failure, were they treated properly and were all proper infection control / skin care procedures performed?

Fournier's gangrene from malposition of urinary catheter resulting in surgery — Question: Was the nursing home properly managing the catheter, could this have been prevented?